About us

The Women Leadership Forum of Asia is committed to building Personal Leadership & Effectiveness among Women Professionals to augment themselves for more successful careers and promote Inclusion. The WLFA brings together Women and Male Professionals across Asia to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote better Leadership in a changing world. The Women Leadership Forum of Asia is founded on the ideology of a model, we call the 4 Cs for Women Leadership – Conviction, Courage, Competence, and Commitment.

The WLFA 4C Model

The WLFA brings together Professionals across Asia to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote better Leadership in a changing world. We are founded on the ideology of the 4C model of Women Leadership – Conviction, Courage, Competence, & Commitment.

The first of the 4 Cs is CONVICTION, which is the ability to assert from a place of understanding – with the knowledge of rights, influencing regulations, becoming a voice while developing the curiosity to fathom and use available resources for the betterment of Women. It is the Power to INFLUENCE our world, rather than become helpless to circumstances, policies, the law or practices.

The second component is COURAGE, which is to leverage potential and aspirations by Learning and getting inspired by the stories of other Women, identifying Role-models for Inspiration. It helps build not just physical courage but also the moral courage to stand, sometimes alone, in order to do what is right. It is about developing the resilience to STAY no matter what and triumph over circumstances.

The third component is COMPETENCE, which is building Capabilities to rise higher through multiple exposures and interventions. It is the ability to anticipate problems, analyze and generate solutions, and execute decisions. While intention, aspiration, and motivation are key; COMPETENCE will finally enable real flights.

The fourth and the last component is COMMITMENT, which is about sharing Best Practices and ideas both – personal & professional experiences, Lessons Learnt to ensure that there is a common platform and repository for Women to access and learn from. It is to RECOGNIZE and REWARD exemplary work in Women Leadership and the Development of Women Leaders so that the cycle of excellence continues to influence the next generations of Women Leaders.

Enhancing the Inclusion Quotient

The WLFA is committed to enhancing the Inclusion Quotient within organizations and focused on creating a forum with both Men and Women as members – to symbiotically learn to enable each other.

The forum seeks to include as members Men and Women from :

  • The Government and Private Sector
  • Non-Government Organizations
  • Social Workers, Journalists, and Media Professionals
  • Female and Male Entrepreneurs from SME Organizations
  • Others from SME Organizations
  • Academicians and members of the Medical Profession
  • Students and other Women in Leadership positions who believe in the credo of Women Empowerment and Gender Inclusion
  • Other Forums, Associations and bodies committed to creating a better world.




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