Corporate Shabang: The Musical


  • An idealistic 20-something, excited to make his mark. A hardworking senior, but by age not designation. A young woman confident of what her attractiveness affords her. An older woman grappling with feeling unimportant before the younger lot. The perennially right Boss who is both the problem and the solution. Each, a character of the corporate world, is a reminder of such issues as feudalism, nepotism, sycophancy, objectification, or simply, The Corporate Shabang. Step into their challenges and dilemmas to the foot-tapping music of a live band and an all singing-dancing cast. This 50-min musical, puts the spotlight, literally, onto conversations we prefer closeted.
  • Followed by a meaning-making panel discussion featuring professionals on “Is compassion a pre-requisite to Employee Engagement?”.

Leveraging Corporate Shabang: The Musical for Reflective Conversations:

  • Ideal to mirror the Corporate World as seen through the eyes of most Management Trainees who come in to make a difference but are often left disillusioned with having to navigate politics, Nepostism, sycophancy that they didn’t learn in an MBA.
  • It is a fun take on the Corporate World but also a cry for making workplaces more compassionate.