What  do Phenomenal Musicians have in Common with Impactful Leaders ?

  • Both recognize and tap into the Talent and experience of their colleagues
  • Both engage in ‘active listening’- which is listening purposefully and intentionally, to take on the baton, help/support -rather than jumping to conclusions
  • Both focus on asking the Right Questions and coaxing meaningful answers rather than dictating solutions
  • Both balance Action and Recognition, recognizing that neither is sufficient to solve problems alone
  • Both share a Key Objective: To INSPIRE their audience

What the session entails?

  • 5 piece Jazz Band Performance as Learning insights play in the Background
  • Facilitated by our Empanelled Leadership Facilitator
  • Duration of Session: 60 minutes
  • Facilitation for mining undiluted Leadership Lessons
  • Q&A / Audience Interaction